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Egg Varieties

brown and white eggs

What's the difference between brown and white eggs?

This popular egg type is typically laid by a beautiful all-white chicken breed called the White Leghorn. High in nutritional value, our popular white egg brands include Rocky Mountain and Morning Fresh. We also pack and distribute many store brand labels sold in the Western United States.
Brown eggs are laid by red-brown feathered breeds like the Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and Plymouth Rock. Slightly larger than white-feathered hens, these breeds often require more feed and are priced slightly higher as a result. Our brown egg brands include Rocky Mountain and Morning Fresh. 
Cage Free eggs are laid by hens kept in spacious pens where they can roam, scratch, perch and nest as they please. Our Cage Free eggs are produced from hens fed only all natural grain
CERTIFIED ORGANIC with Omega 3 (Cage Free)
Our Organic Omega-3 eggs contain extra omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Our hens are fed a 100% certified organic diet rich in flax and other healthy grains and raised in a free roaming cage-free environment.

Studies have shown Omega-3 helps preserve eye health and reduce the effects of common ailments. Click here for more information.
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