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Egg Varieties

brown and white eggs

What's the difference between brown and white eggs?

Great eggs come from healthy hens that receive the right care.

At Rocky Mountain Eggs, we've created an environment for our hens
that protects them from the elements, disease, predators,
and we feed them a nutritious diet with plenty of water. All of this
care combines to create strong hens that produce only the highest
quality eggs.

Why do we focus on what we feed our chickens? All eggs are nutritious,
but the specific dietary content of any egg is determined by the feed the
chicken laying the egg has eaten. Rocky Mountain Eggs' hens are always given excellent
feed so they produce quality eggs!

img of egg

What's in an Egg?

All eggs are packed with a variety of nutrients, including protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. Rocky Mountain Eggs also offers specialized varieties that are nutritionally-enhanced for people looking to supplement their diets. For information on the Nutrient Content of a Large Egg click here.

  For additional Nutritional information on eggs visit the Egg Nutrition Website enc logo
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